Anne Curry Commissions


All commissions, corporate or private, are welcomed and considered.

Outdoor and garden sculpture:
Prices to be advised by Anne in both resin and bronze.

Anne Curry Commissions


Sculpting the head of an adult usually requires around fourteen hours of sittings, each session requiring two to three hours.  For a child’s head, about eight hours are needed in sessions of no more than one hour, especially if the child is very young. If the model is willing, two sessions a day can be worked, thus making it possible to finish a portrait in about four days.

Anne Curry Portraits

Good light is essential. Anne prefers to work in her studio, which is purpose built with perfect light and plenty of space. She can, however, work at her client’s preferred location, provided that she can be assured of sufficient natural light (for example a conservatory or outside, weather permitting).

Travel costs will be charged.

Anne Curry Commissions
Head of adult £4,300 +VAT£6,100 +VAT
Bust of adult£4,850 +VAT£7,500 +VAT
Head of child£2,550 +VAT£4,600 +VAT
Bust of child £3,300 +VAT£5,600 +VAT

Bronze figures will be priced on application.

Anne Curry Stone Sculpture